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Get inspired by these animations created with WebAnimator


Design and create an infographic for your business in minutes, with WebAnimator

3D Countdown

Add a countdown to your website: apply 3D visual effects with the Rotate Tool

Animated Charts

Make your animated chart with WebAnimator then add it to your website or social media.

Responsive Banner

WebAnimator creates banners that adapt to screen size.

Control Animations

Pause, Speed Up or Slow down the animations you have designed with WebAnimator

Catching Birds

Design your games in HTML5 then run them on any device with WebAnimator

Morph Animation

WebAnimator creates animations automatically using the Morph method

Whiteboard Animations

Create a video that shows the viewer static images being drawn on the screen.

Where are you going to use your animations? Explore WebSite X5

The contents you create with WebAnimator are perfect for any HTML5 website. Use WebSite X5 to create your website and import the animations into your project in just a few clicks.
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