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WebAnimator Community

Get helped and socialized.

Get extra help from your peers or keep it lively sharing tips&tricks. The WebAnimator community is a place to connect with your tribe and inspire other people to be the best version of themselves. How-to videos will help you challenge your design skills, increasing your creative confidence. Get fun and start WebAnimating today.
Get Superpowers
with WebSite X5 Integration
WebAnimator interactive content work fine with any HTML5 website. Export animations to add code onto your site and you’ll see. Yet, you can do better.

Empower your creativity by integrating WebAnimator into WebSite X5 projects. Simply create your website using WebSite X5 builder and you’ll be able to import WebAnimator interactive elements directly from the inside of your website project. You can do it in just one click.


in a nutshell
A side project is an extraordinary excuse
to break boundaries

Side projects simply offer new fullfilling ways for creatives to grow and search for inspirations. At any given time, experimenting turns into work and finally becomes a real product. That's how we came up with WebAnimator.
Handy products for everyone

Since Incomedia and soft-evolution companies first met, our teams have worked together to deliver the most functional and simplest animation software for anyone to enjoy.
On a mission to develop software solutions that let everyone get professional-looking results quickly and easily. Proudly happy of helping thousands people create their own website with WebSite X5, easy-to-use website builder available in 15 languages.
Focused on the next evolution software development, soft-evolution develops software for desktops, web and mobile environments. WebAnimator is the evolution of Data Becker's A5 HTML5 Animator.
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