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WebAnimator plus
All you need to create HTML5 animations

WebAnimator plus

Want more?
If you're already familiar with HTML5 and CSS web animations, WebAnimator plus is the perfect choice for maximum customization of your content using a simple JavaScript editor.
valid 14 days
WebAnimator go
WebAnimator now
The best program for
creating animated content
WebAnimator now

WebAnimator now

Want to keep learning?
Improve your graphic skills and create animated content with WebAnimator now.
valid 14 days
WebAnimator now
WebAnimator go
The fastest and easiest tool for
customizing animated banners
WebAnimator go

WebAnimator go

Just starting out?
WebAnimator go is a step-by-step tool that allows you to add animated banners and gifs to your website.
valid 14 days
WebAnimator go

Template collection

Pick your favourite animation from this template collection.
Available in different formats, each one offers different, ready-to-use effects.
Template Collection 1
Template collection 1
Includes 5 templates:
Transition & Text, Overlay, Slider, Background effect, Floating image.
Template Collection 2
Template collection 2
Includes 5 templates:
Intro, Pop Up Info, Line up Images, Expand Content, Short Presentation.

WebAnimator v3 news

All the new features are available for both WebAnimator now as well as WebAnimator plus
Graphic interface
The interface boasts a new, flat design and integrated panels instead of the former superimposed look.

Video Object [only for WebAnimator plus]
We added the option of inserting a video by simply entering the YouTube URL.

Responsive animations
You can design your animations to be responsive, meaning they automatically adapt to the browser window's dimensions.

Google Font preview
Now you can view your chosen Google Fonts directly from the stage than only in the external browser preview.

Adding objects
You can add objects directly with one click, no need to drag the icon from the toolbar to the stage.

Animation properties
From the Properties menu, you can see how properties change when an effect is activated.
Text Editor
Syntax Highlighting in the editor now lets you enter text.

Image library
More than 1 million royalty-free images are available in the library for you to import directly into your projects.

Vector images
We added the option of importing SVG vector images.

New effect pre-sets
5 new effect presets added to those already available.

Internal engine
Replace your internal rendering engine with Chromium to increase speed and improve design functions.

Copy/Pase Management
Now you can copy and paste key image frames as well as objects with associated key frames.

Shape Object
You can use more shapes than just the rectangle and the circle, choosing from a library of shape presets.
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